Puffco Bubsy


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Budsy is a water pipe disguised as a simple water bottle, and it’s as real as it gets.When discretion is needed most, Budsy is hidden in plain sight making a perfect companion for any adventure. Centered around portability, the Budsy is perfect for concerts, hikes, and just about any other outdoor activity or on-the-go lifestyle. This water bottle water pipe features a screw-on lid that contains your bong water inside the bottle while on the move and conceals a hidden ceramic bowl piece below the mouthpiece. The Budsy mouthpiece flips open and closed with ease and connects to a long downstem disguised as a straw. This deceitful downstem features an inline percolator with numerous holes that provide advanced water filtration as you inhale! It’s a future classic from out of the mind of Roger, and into your hands.*21+ Only*Store upright to reduce the risk of leaking. BPA FREE TRITAN BOTTLE CONSTRUCTION CERAMIC BOWL WITH A SILICONE TAB FOR SAFE HANDLING HIDDEN BOWL STORAGE ALL-IN-ONE DESIGN EASY TO CLEAN

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