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Differences between THC Concentrates: Budder, Sauce, and Live Resin

Budder, Sauce, and Live Resin… What are the differences between these THC Concentrates?

August 2021

If you’re just getting into the wonderful world of concentrates, you might feel overwhelmed by all the options. You’ve likely seen a variety of extracts such as budder, sauce, and live resin, but what are the differences between these THC Concentrates?

Often, concentrates and extracts are named after their appearance. However, there are many more differences between concentrates than just how they appear to the naked eye.

Now you might be wondering—what’s the difference between budder, sauce, and live resin concentrates, and how are they made?

Find out all that and more by reading below as we tell you the definitions of budder, sauce, and live resin concentrates and extracts.


What’s Budder Concentrate?

macro image of cannabis budder

Budder is a THC-rich cannabis concentrate that has the consistency and look of butter. Usually, budder has an amber or yellowish color to it.

Most of the time, budder packs a powerful punch because it can easily have 80% THC content or more.

However, what really separates budder from other waxes and concentrates is the whipping techniques used to create it. That means that budder concentrates are not just potent but have a waxy, and sometimes crumbly, consistency.

The combination of power and flavor has made budder one of the most beloved concentrates on the market. Users also love how easy budder concentrate is to handle.

Thanks to its butter-like consistency, budder is easy to use in a dab rig or THC oil pen. On top of that, budder can also be used on dried weed in a joint or bowl.


How Is Budder Made?

Like all concentrates, budder is made through an extraction process that uses solvents and sophisticated equipment. Solvents are chemicals like butane or propane which extract the THC and terpenes.

After that, the extract is placed under low heat to remove the leftover solvent in a process called purging. The concentrate is then hand whipped like cake batter to help form its consistency.

At the end of the extraction process, a gorgeous buttery wax is leftover—ready for vaporizing in a dab rig or dab pen.


What is Sauce Concentrate?

macro image of cannabis sauce

Sauce concentrate is a THC-packed concentrate with the consistency of applesauce. Although it’s called sauce,

the texture and consistency aren’t quite as runny as one might expect. This is due to a homogenizing process used to ensure appropriate ratios to reflect the plant’s full essence.

That’s because there are usually two parts of a sauce concentrate—cannabinoid-rich crystals and a terpene-packed oil. That’s why sauce concentrates are a double-whammy of potency and flavor.

However, what really makes sauce concentrates stand out from the rest is its terpene-rich oil. That oil makes for an extremely tasty dabbing or vaping experience like no other because it can be made up of up to 30% terpenes.

The best way to use sauce concentrate is to either use it in a dab rig or load it into a dab pen.


How Is Sauce Made?

Sauce is made similar to other concentrates by using solvents like CO2 or butane for extraction and a purging process. However, the way that sauce is processed is what makes it so special.

For starters, the purging or extract removal process takes much longer than other concentrates. While some concentrates take a few days, purging sauce concentrate can take weeks.

That’s because the terpene oil adheres to the solvent longer, letting more cannabinoid-rich crystals form. Once that happens, the cannabinoid crystals sink to the bottom while the terpene-rich oil floats to the top.

Then, the crystals and oils are separated and have the remaining solvent completely removed. Afterward, the crystals and terpene sauce are combined to create sauce concentrate.


What is Live Resin Concentrate?

macro image of cannabis live resin concentrate

Live resin is considered the pinnacle of concentrates, thanks to the incredible potency and freshness of its flavor. Other concentrates are named based on how they look and feel, but live resin is named because of how it’s processed—but more on that a little later.

Live resin has a consistency that is very similar to sauce and generally appears like wet crystals. Typically, live resin is either completely white or pale yellow, which is much different than the deep colors of other concentrates.

Live resin concentrates can reach a potency of up to and over 90% THC, all while having an incredible and unique taste. Most users will either dab live resin or use it in a dab pen.


How Is Live Resin Made?

Live resin is made a lot like sauce concentrates but with one key difference—the starting material. Sauce and most other concentrates use completely dried and cured weed for the extraction process.

Although dried and cured weed is excellent for smoking or vaping, many trichomes and terpenes get lost in the trimming process. Losing trichomes and terpenes means losing flavor and potency in the extraction process.

However, live resin is unique because the weed that’s used to make it is fresh frozen. Fresh frozen cannabis is cannabis that’s frozen immediately after harvest using dry ice or liquid nitrogen.

By using fresh frozen cannabis, the integrity of all the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and essential oils are kept intact which are normally lost in the curing process. That’s how live resin concentrates keep the freshness and fragrance of the original cannabis plant it’s extracted from.

Then, the fresh frozen buds are extracted using a solvent, like butane and propane, and an extraction process similar to sauce concentrates.


Which Concentrate Is the Best?

The answer to this question is—all of them. That’s because you can’t go wrong with any of the concentrates since each of them have their own unique characteristics.

The only way to find out your favorite is to try them all. However, you need to remember to seek out only the highest quality cannabis concentrates.

Only professionally made cannabis concentrates will have potency, flavor, and above all—safety. Luckily, you can get the best of the best with Pyramid concentrates.

Pyramid is one of the top cannabis extractors that use only the most cutting-edge extract technology and materials to create industry-leading concentrates. Their live resin, budder, and sauce concentrates can easily be found in Michigan dispensaries and is coming to Colorado in 2021.

If you’re ready to have a dabbing or vaping experience like never before, then any Pyramid concentrate will do the job.

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