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Pure & Potent THC Vape Cartridges in Colorado and Michigan

Pure and Potent THC Vape Cartridges

July 2021

With 25 years of combined experience in the cannabis industry, Pyramid Pens remains at the forefront of the weed pen revolution. Recreational marijuana isn’t just about giving people access to a plant that has been enjoyed for thousands of years without the fear of legal consequences. It’s about evolving the industry and being able to pull out a weed pen from your backpack at 14,200 feet, miles from civilization or cell service, and knowing the THC vape cartridges in that pen are made from the most pristine cannabis oil humans have ever created. You have the confidence that your THC pen will hit perfectly every time and the 510 battery will remain charged well throughout your journey to the peak of Mount Yale.

The only way we get to the point of having safe, reliable cannabis products that can be enjoyed as you gaze out at the Upper Arkansas River Valley is through a regulated, legal market. Pyramid Pens has gained a reputation for innovation by pushing the industry forward to heights never thought possible merely a decade ago.

We are proud to have you along our journey from humble beginnings to delivering Colorado and Michigan recreational and medical marijuana users with unparalleled pure and potent THC vape cartridges. Pyramid Pens embraces the adventurous spirit of the West and embodies the tradition by giving customers the most convenient, efficient cannabis delivery method ever developed.


Pyramid Pens – Find Your Cloud

While providing recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado and Michigan with premium THC carts is an honor, our passion lies with pushing the industry forward. We do so by developing the most cutting-edge extraction technology to fit the needs of the modern cannabis consumer.

When we first started developing our products, in the early days of cannabis legalization, it may have been passable to simply supply dispensaries with quality cannabis oil. But in 2021, the customer demands more, and Pyramid Pens is happy to cater to the modern marijuana consumer.

Our product line is a testament to how far the THC concentrate industry has come since legalization. Pyramid pen customers can choose THC carts filled with cannabis oil using the latest extraction methods.

Premium Cannabis Oil from Colorado

Our THC cartridges are packed with unmatched extracts derived from only the finest cannabis in Colorado. The farms we work with share our values in putting customer safety, environmental impact, and attention to detail ahead of profits. The relationships we’ve made in our 25 years of experience in the game have grown beyond a source of highly potent marijuana flowers. We are proud to have worked with some of the leaders in Colorado cultivation and look forward to witnessing the industry move forward.

Strain Specific Batch Testing

Before our cannabis flower goes through the extraction process, each strain-specific batch is tested for potency pesticides. Adding the extra step to the manufacturing process could seem tedious to other extraction companies, but because we value the quality of the final product, we feel that additional layers of oversight are necessary.

Innovative Extraction Methods

Cannabis concentrations have evolved over the years. As cannabis connoisseurs ourselves, we understand that keeping up with the latest methods is of the utmost importance. Our THC carts are filled with cannabis oil featuring different extraction methods, high in terpenes, flavor, or other cannabis compounds.

Depending on which state you are purchasing Pyramid Pens, our product line features the most cutting-edge cannabis oil extracts ever to be developed


woman holding Pyramid Prism THC vape cartridge in hand

Pyramid Pens THC Carts Available in Colorado

Our THC concentrates contain up to 90% THC, giving users plenty of the psychoactive component derived from marijuana and leaving enough room for other beneficial cannabis compounds.

The industry is evolving past extracts that are developed to get users as high as possible. We understand our customers are looking for more than reaching a peaceful state of pure tranquility and vegging out for hours (although we are in full support). The modern cannabis consumer, especially in Colorado and Michigan, is also using cannabis to complement the incredible landscapes of their respective states. In addition, recreational and medical marijuana consumers enjoy the combination of THC and CBD to experience the potential medicinal benefits of cannabis.

Pyramid Prism

Pyramid Pen’s Prism THC Vape Cartridges are crafted using high quality, triple-distilled high in natural terpenes, and free from any additives. In addition, prism is 100% cannabis oil available in your favorite indica, hybrid, and Sativa strains.

Pyramid Gold THC Vape Cartridges

At Pyramid Pens, we celebrate our humble beginnings, working our way up from the bottom to an industry leader. We aren’t the types to boast or brag about how much better our products are compared to the competition, but in some cases, we can’t help ourselves. Our Gold Cannabis Oil Cartridges represent the summit of THC extraction technology and are named accordingly.

The Gold standard is achieved through our proprietary quadruple filtration system, leaving each consumer with concentrate free of chlorophyll or any other impurities.

Simply 100% additive-free, all-natural cannabis extract in the form of a golden oil ready to be delivered straight to the head.

CBD:THC Oil Cartridges

We are amazed to see how the hemp industry has taken off since the 2018 ‘Farm Bill,’ cannabinoid hemp has taken the cannabis industry to heights we never thought possible. Pyramid specializes in THC extracts but values every compound cannabis has to offer.

The CBD industry has reached the masses but to truly achieve maximum benefits, THC is needed. The concept of cannabis synergy is known as the entourage effect and best described by legendary cannabis researcher Dr. Ethan Russo in his historical, scientific research paper Taming THC.

Our CBD:THC carts offer consumers an option of 1:1, 2:1, and 3:1 potency levels controlling the level of psychoactive effects they want to experience.


woman vaping Pyramid variable voltage vape pen

Pyramid Pens THC Carts Available in Michigan

Our friends in the Great Lakes haven’t enjoyed the privileges of access to recreational marijuana for long. Still, their cannabis industry has since bloomed into one of the most successful in the US.

We are proud to offer our products to Michiganders, giving them access to the highest quality THC carts available on the market.

Michigan currently has a few more Pyramid Pen options than Colorado. Dispensaries in Michigan do feature our flagship extracts, Prism and our CBD:THC blend. Be sure to check availability at your favorite dispensary in Michigan.

Budder Cartridges

Budder is another recent innovation in cannabis extraction, giving the user a flavorful experience by keeping a unique terpene profile from the original plant. The full spectrum extract is processed and immediately whipped to create a thick, waxy substance.

Sauce Concentrate Cartridges

Sauce, also referred to as ‘terp sauce,’ is one of the latest innovations in the cannabis concentrate industry. Pyramid Pens offers Michigan customers the unique extraction method created to keep a high concentration of terpenes in the oil.

Our Sauce THC carts are packed with flavor due to the terpene-rich oil while still maintaining a high level of THC potency.

Live Resin THC Carts

Pyramid Pens is dedicated to bringing cannabis enthusiasts the latest extraction methods, offering a unique experience only possible through the desire to push the industry forward.

We create our live resin by freezing top-tier, freshly harvested cannabis flower in small batches to subcritical temperatures before the extraction process.


Pyramid Pen’s THC Cart Specs

Most of the THC cartridges available from Pyramid pens come in 500mg or 1000mg options. Be sure to check our store locator to see if your neighborhood dispensary is a Pyramid partner. Our highly concentrated cannabis oil is suspended in glass cartridges with a ceramic coil for a reliable, consistent hit.

Pyramid Pen’s cartridges are compatible with a 510 battery. In addition, we offer our signature variable voltage battery with temperature control and a lifetime warranty available to purchase in our online store.

We are also proud partners with one of the leading reusable vape pen manufacturers, Pax Vaporizers. They are an incredible company that delivers some of the best vape pens on the market. Our collaboration with the brand can be found at dispensary locations near you in the PAX Era Pro, PAX Era Life, and disposable vapes.


Research | Innovation | Pyramid Pens

Pyramid Pens represents more than a vape company; we focus on helping the cannabis industry grow to its full potential. Legalized and regulated cannabis has driven innovation and extraction methods; Pyramid Pens is happy to be leading the way, setting the standard in efficiency, safety, and collaboration within the industry.

Our brand embodies the desire to progress and develop the latest cannabinoid delivery methods. We’ve grown up with the legal cannabis industry and plan to continue to provide cutting-edge extraction methods to recreational and medical cannabis consumers in Colorado and Michigan.

The future of cannabis is uncertain. However, you can bet that Pyramid Pens will push THC carts as far as possible by providing safe products, using innovative extraction methods, and providing the highest quality 100% pure cannabis oil to our loyal customers.

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