The highest quality concentrates.


We only source the finest cannabis Colorado has to offer. Each strain-specific batch is tested for pesticides and potency before it ever touches our instruments. This ensures the production of the purest possible product.


Embracing adventure is at the heart of Pyramid’s core values. For us as connoisseurs, that means enjoying the outdoors, exploring new trails, and having our pen along for the ride. But for us as industry-experts it means unceasing research, new products, and new ways of producing potency and flavor. When it comes to cannabis cultivation and concentration techniques, we’re on the smoking-edge.


We’ve made a commitment to our customers to always offer you the best possible concentrates. From best-in-industry CO2 to unique and flavorful distillate infusions there’s always going to be a Pyramid to meet your needs. Cannabis has moved into the modern era; there’s no excuse to overpay for connoisseur-level concentrates.

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