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A Guide to THC Concentrate

Tetrahydrocannabinol, better known by its acronym THC, is the psychoactive compound in marijuana responsible for the “high”. Higher concentrations of THC in marijuana products mean more intense effects.

As the marijuana industry has evolved over the last 50 years, growers have substantially increased the THC content of their plants through selective breeding and careful growing conditions. Wild marijuana plants that have not been cultivated typically have only 2% THC. Some strains that have been bred specifically for smoking contain 30% or more. THC concentrate, in comparison, contains up to 80% THC.

Pyramid Cartridges

We at Pyramid believe in choice. Review our cartridge lines to see what will be a perfect fit for your 510 battery.
Whether it’s our high potency Prism or flavored Burst line, you will be able to make an informed decision on what’s the right mix for your mood!


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How do THC vape cartridges work?

Unlike smoking which involves burning the leaves and inhaling the smoke, vape technology utilizes a device called an atomizer which heats the oil inside into vapor that the user then inhales. A major advantage of vaping over smoking is that the user has complete control over how much product they are using. Also, vape pens are easy to transport and more discreet than other forms of marijuana intake.

Pax Pods

After teaming up with Pax, Pyramid has quickly become the leading manufacturer of PAX Era Pods in Colorado!
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Uncut Distillate


Simple & Clean


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Pure Flavor

What are Pax Era Pods?

Pax Era Pods are the “next generation” of vape pens and vape accessories. Several features set the Pax Era pods apart from other vape pens. First, the pen has LED lights that indicate things like temperature, battery life and whether its on and off. The pods themselves carry unique data that indicates what strain they are, including what that particular batch tests at and what the best settings are to vape at through the Pax App for smartphones.

Also, the pen is one of the most inconspicuous vaping devices you can buy. The user looks like they are using a generic E- Cig. Whether you’re shopping for Pax Era Pods, oil-based THC cartridges, or disposable vape pens, try Pyramid today!

Reload or Dispose

Our best selling Disposables vapes continue to be our bread and butter! Perfect for your weekend hikes or a day on the slopes.
If you prefer fewer visits to the dispensary our Reloads offer a convenient way to refill your reusable cartridge.


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What is THC vape oil and how is it made?

THC oil is known by many names, including “shatter”, “wax”, or “dabs”. The process involves the extraction of concentrated amounts of THC and other cannabinoids from marijuana plants using a solvent like CO2, hydrocarbons, and alcohol.

The solvent and marijuana are mixed together, then the solvent is purged, and the remaining oil is refined into the final product. The complex process has been refined using advanced scientific methods and state of the art equipment to deliver a  pure and clean final product.


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